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Brick Store Children's Pet Portrait Workshop


This morning I gave a 3-hour pet portrait workshop for 9 Kennebunk students in conjunction with the Pastel Painters of Maine National juried exhibition 'For Pastels Only' now on view at the museum. 

The students toured the exhibit and enjoyed the different styles, techniques and subjects in the show.   Then they had a snack and I did a demo of my Dixie girl (in 30 minutes... from drawing to finish!)

We discussed cropping photos and different compositions, using multiple photos for details, and looked at several animal photos and finished portraits.  Then students worked on their own pastel paintings on either Colour Fix or Richeson pre-tinted sanded pastel papers.  The students were able to choose the color they wanted as background. 

The museum will mat the pieces and they will be exhibited some time next week for the rest of the pastel show!  The show ends October 19, so stop in to see some great pastel art! 
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