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Mural Project


I have 2 very large commissions - mural-size pieces of horses in acrylic - to create for an architectural firm in CA.  The paintings are for an historic inn they are renovating.  Due date for shipment is October 11. 

Canvases were shipped truck freight last Friday and were due the end of this week but now they will be here early next week.  Painting time is getting shorter and shorter.  Paints, etc., were ordered and the first batch has arrived... the second order has been shipped. 

The garage has been turned into my 'satellite' studio as the canvases won’t fit up the stairs in my regular studio, and the basement door was 2 inches too small for them to fit down there.  My hubby helped hook up lots of lights and made a work surface for the larger piece.  

Friends are storing my car in their garage for the next couple of weeks!  The other car will be draped so it doesn't look like a Jackson Pollock painting!    

Studio ready, supplies ordered... now I wait.  The vertical piece is 6'x5' and the horizontal piece is 6'x8'.  I did small basic drawings from the photo collages I made for the painting, and spent yesterday and today enlarging them to full size images on tracing paper so they can be transferred when the canvases get here. Wish I had thought to buy an opaque projector!

I'll post the large drawings tomorrow! 
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