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Mural Project - Second Layers


Yesterday was a long tough day.... To get this rush commission done on time, each day I must complete the application of a layer of paint to each canvas.  And it has to be allowed to dry for at least 12-14 hours before I can add another layer.  I prefer 24 hours between layers. 
This second layer was very time-consuming and it took all day and into the night - over 12 hours of painting steady.  I was aching all over, crabby, thoroughly exhausted and feeling like perhaps this step wasn't going to work the way I planned. 
You have to love my hubby - he calls each night on his way home from work when he goes through the toll booth in Maine - and he offered to take me out to supper after he put in 12-hour workday himself so I wouldn't have to cook.  I had just cleaned up and gotten in my jammies at 8 pm so we had an old stand-by for supper - spaghetti and butter with grated cheese. 
This morning, hairdryer in hand, I dried parts of the canvases that were still tacky.  I'll post today's work tomorrow... 
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