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Mural Project - Starting Over...


Sometimes an artist doesn't like what they're painting, and sometimes it's great but it doesn't fit with what your client had in mind... especially when the color palette has changed.  So I am starting over... got a half gallon of gesso yesterday afternoon and gessoed out the 6x5 ft canvas image and another gallon of gesso this morning at Artists and Craftsman and went to work renewing the 6x8 ft canvas. 
I have already transferred the single horse image to the canvas, and took advantage of making positioning adjustments.  I did a basic color study with a couple of the colors I have of the new palette. 
This morning I was overnighted samples of materials in the room where the paintings will be hung, so I photographed my miniature study with them for coordination. 
Tomorrow I will transfer the running horses again onto the 6 x 8 ft canvas and work on a study of that painting with the new palette.  Most of the time, I work very spontaneously, selecting colors as I feel they need to be put in a painting.  For this project, a more planned approach is necessary.
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