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Mural Project - Third Layers


Yesterday morning the second layer of paint on the canvases was still a little tacky in places.  I put the heat up high and got my trusty hairdryer out to get the canvases ready to work on. 
These paintings are starting to come together.  I mixed the colors I needed in glass jars to get the right color and consistency.  For these paintings an eye dropper isn't big enough to drip paint from - I have to pour paint on the canvases, spraying it selectively in places and moving it with a palette knife sometimes, and then tipping the canvases in all directions depending where I want the paint to go.  The tricky part is, once there is paint on part of the canvas, I have to be very careful with the tipping and spraying.  Canvases this large can't stay workable wet all at the same time.    
This is a very wet layer... hopefully the canvases will be dry tomorrow so I can work on them... next come the fine-tuning.
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