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Year of the Horse


2014 is the Year of the Horse, according to the Chinese zodiac, and begins Jan. 31, 2014 (the Lunar New Year) and lasts to Feb. 18, 2015.

My Chinese zodiac sign is the Horse - my spirit guide and totem is the horse...

Fittingly, the focus of my work this year is the horse, especially XO Scottys Lady, my "Ruby."  I had been grooming her since last July, and I received her as a gift - a wonderful, wonderful gift - in October. She is my first horse, a registered quarter horse mare of 22 years now. 

After my daily grooming visits I sometimes sit and watch her, and listen to the sounds of barn - her and the other horses eating hay, occasional nickering and whinnying, the birds singing and fluttering in and out of stalls... I listen to the quiet.

Here are 3 drawings I have done to prepare for this series of work... the top and bottom images will be in acrylic, the center drawing is for a pastel.  Check back to see my progress!
35     36    37   38