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image size 12"x9" - soft pastel
artist Pat Jeffers with 'Cupcake' at Rare Gallery, WY
'Cupcake' waiting for visitors at the Rare Gallery, Jackson, WY
Back in March, several pastelists from the Pastel Painters of Maine gathered for a meeting and 'paint-around.'  I was asked to prepare an animal painting for attendees to work on in 5 minute increments, by random selection.  There was also a landscape available for participants to work on.  This is the 4th time we have done this type of program.

The animal I chose was 'Cupcake', a white dog that I had photographed in WY at the Rare Gallery in Jackson Hole.  She was 'the greeter' and very lovable!  She posed for me and my artist friend Pat Jeffers.  I thought she would be a great subject to challenge us, having a curly white coat.  Many colors could be introduced into her coat color. 
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