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Happy to Serve

"Happy to Serve"
image size 12"x9" - soft pastel

As most of you know, I haven't painted lately... my last piece was a commission dog portrait in June. 

I needed a painting for a show due yesterday - a Service Dog Fine Art Contest for a non-profit organization in California.

I had originally planned to use photos of local service dogs as the subject for my painting, and Deb Meserve - The Shutter Gallery, Kennebunk - graciously allowed me use of one of her photos of 2 taken when we were at the Seashore Trolley Museum Dog Daze, back in June. 
As I researched roles and types and qualities of service dogs, I thought about my own rescue golden retriever, Biscuit - he's my faithful companion - with me where ever I go - he would have made a great service dog.  
So I was inspired to use him as my model.  I photographed him in numerous poses, and one thing I noticed was that he was always smiling – happy to please and serve me. 
Here he is in the painting as a service dog "Happy to Serve."

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