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Yesterday and today I have been slowly introducing Dixie and Biscuit, separately, to Ruby.  Sunday they could have woken up all of Lyman with the racket they made at 7am when they saw her for the first time. 

Since then, Dixie has done very well, no howling.  Unfortunately, she touched her nose to the electric fence at one point and is now leery of going near it - never mind visiting with Ruby.  She just won't get too close to the fence now.  Haven't tried to bring her inside the fence yet. 

Biscuit on the other hand likes to bark at her - so we went with treats for no barking rewards and it's working.  He barked yesterday 2-3 times and later on when we went to visit again, he was quiet, and only barked when Ruby started walking toward him and got very close - we were outside the fence. 

Later we walked inside the fence while Ruby was eating hay - not really interested in us.  Ruby had dogs around at a previous owner's so she is used to them.  The barking and howling doesn't faze her. 

Today, Biscuit did very well.  We walked outside the fence and then inside.  One bark when she walked over when we were inside the fence.  They sniffed each other and Ruby turned away as we turned away. 

Later we walked inside the fence again over to her hay feeder while she was munching and Biscuit laid down in front and watched her eat.  I got out my cell phone to take pictures... At one point Biscuit got up and walked around to the side of the feeder and they were nose to nose... very cute - then a quick bark... almost there!
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