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She's Home!!!

leaving Riverside Ranch

walking to the trailer
ready to go
backing out of the trailer
at her new home
in her new stall
'I smell hay around this corner'
she likes her window - thanks Larry!
Rainy day but bright for us - Ruby came home today and arrived around 10:30 am.  She grazed for a short time until it started to pour rain harder and then she went into her new stall.  It was christened several times and it has been sniffed from top to bottom. 

We had a toast to her in the barn...

Tonight at 5 we fed her grain and hay and she's busy eating as I write this. 

Thanks to my hubby and the contractors that helped make this happen - Norm's Electric, Rene Roy Concrete and Caron Excavating & Remodeling.

Next to the birth of my son and the marriage to my Dave, this is one of the happiest days of my life...
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