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Agility - Liberty


Many people love to ride their horses. I always enjoyed doing the groundwork with the mustangs.  Now that spring is really here, I have started to gather equipment to do an obstacle course - traffic cones, hula hoops, a tarp or carpet, wooden or PVC poles... 
I learned this groundwork I love to do is known in some circles as Agility or Liberty.  In England, it is considered a competitive event for horses.  
It's all about communication & body language without halters and lead-ropes.  In the beginning stages your horse needs to do basic things - walk on lead line beside you, be able to be haltered, come to you - not chased, backup, bend their neck down and to the sides...
Once the basics can be achieved, then work begins without tack.  The ultimate goal is to have the horse in a free environment, unrestrained, so that a bond is created between horse and human through a series of 'companionship' interactions that are naturally enjoyable to the horse.  The obstacle course contains many of the activities.  
Wednesday I started reviewing basics with Ruby...  Yesterday I brought out the cones so she could check them out and walk by them.  Here she is doing her inspection!
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