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Moving in New Directions...

'On the Precipice' collage
This morning my best friend and fellow artist, Pat Jeffers, sent me this post by Seth Godin: 

Change is a part of life and my life has changed drastically in the last 10 months, with moving to a farm and having horses.  So has Pat's, with the closing of the gallery that represented her work. 
Feeling the need - time to grow; it only makes sense our art would change too... And I feel the need to take the leap - get off the fence - but it's scary.
Thank you, Pat!
New times call for new decisions
by Seth Godin
'Those critical choices you made then, they were based on what you knew about the world as it was.
But now, you know more and the world is different.
So why spend so much time defending those choices?
We don't re-decide very often, which means that most of our time is spent doing, not choosing.
And if the world isn't changing (if you're not changing) that doing makes a lot of sense.
The pain comes from falling in love with your status quo and living in fear of making another choice, a choice that might not work.
You might have been right then, but now isn't then, it's now.
If the world isn't different, no need to make a new decision. 
The question is, "is the world different now?" '
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