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MAHB Blog Post - Environmental Art

"Last Killed" - mixed media, 22.5 x 27 © Carol Santora
As many of you may know, I have 3 mixed media paintings in a traveling museum show, curated by David J. Wagner, LLC.  The inaugural tour began at the Canton Museum of Art in Canton, Ohio in September of 2013. The exhibition is currently held over at St Mary's College Museum of Art, Moraga, CA due to popular demand.

Mr. Wagner collaborated with the Stanford University Millennium Alliance for Humanity and Biosphere, MAHB, on the start of a BLOG about Environmental Art. In recognition of the unique capacity for the arts to shape attitudes and perceptions about the environment, the MAHB is presenting essays by the artists featured in the national-touring museum exhibition Environmental Impact.

My essay was published March 30, 2016. Here is the link to the MAHB website with my essay: Animals Lost and Threatened.

The PDF file is here: Speaking For Animals Lost and Threatened.

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